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Add an option to not auto arrange inserts and sends positions in Console

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asked Apr 30 in Mixing by OneFingerSnap (1,180 points)
I’d like if there was an option for Studio One to not automatically “pull” the inserts and sends to the topmost available position. The present behavior is OK, but I’d prefer to be able to place my sends and inserts in any slot I wish.

For example, I like to align reverb sends in the same row for a set of tracks so that I can turn them on or off simultaneously and also to have a better visual cue for what each send is based solely on their vertical position.

I realize this interferes with the ability to move the separation line between the inserts and sends on a per track level, which leads me to another related option I’d like to see implemented, and that’s the ability to “lock” that separation line for the whole console. I honestly feel this ability creates a messy look in console and I’m always resetting it to have just a single continuous horizontal line.

I imagine this implemented through two simple options in settings named “Auto Arrange inserts and sends positions” and “Lock send/insert separation line” (or something to this effect) which could be respectively on and off by default to preserve the current behavior for those who like it.

Anyone else agrees with this?

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answered May 1 by tothrec (20,680 points)
The lack of this dynamic view is one of the things I dislike about Pro Tools.

Not that it doesn't annoy me or guess wrong how I want it to look.
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answered May 2 by OneFingerSnap (1,180 points)
Hi Tothrec,

Let me emphasize that I don’t wish to change the current behavior, I realize many users may prefer it. I’d just like to be able to have it work as I mentioned, as a result of having used Logic and Pro Tools for years. After recently starting my S1 journey (and enjoying it a lot) this is one of a handful of things I miss from previous DAW’s.