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usb audiobox wont connect to pc

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asked May 2 in AudioBox USB by seetherryan1 (120 points)
I got a new pc thats windows 10 and the usb wont says usb is not recognized. i tried to install the drivers from the site but still nothing. just universal control that dose not seem to do much. my audiobox is old. its not the 96 one its just audiobox usb

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answered May 2 by tothrec (20,680 points)
Sometimes USB ports get goofed up.

Do you have another USB port on your PC you can try?

Do you have another USB device you can try on *this* port (to see if it is working or not)?

When you plug in the AudioBox, do any of the lights come on (is it getting power from the port).

Do you have another USB cable you can try?