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Why can't I get my midi keyboard to correctly trigger midi events in Garageband?

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asked Mar 18, 2016 in AudioBox USB by williamdulyea (180 points)
15-inch MacBook Pro
2.5GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7
512GB Flash Storage

OS X El Capitan

AudioBox iTwo via USB to MAC and Yamaha NP30 to iTwo via midi x2 cables

Applications that I have attempted to use are Notion 5 and latest Garageband.

No driver needs to be installed with the latest MAC OS according to presonus docs, and I have setup the USB audio to use both in and out from within the preferences section of the MAC OS.

When using Notion and I select and edit a track to play against an external midi device then the NP via iTwo works as expected for the Piano, but I have tried other instruments. However if I try to record a new track using the NP30 as the keyboard then I see no indications in the recording (no notes nor midi data).

When using Garageband I will attempt to use the NP30 to trigger midi events against a selected instrument in Garageband but what I hear is the instrument played the first time but no further sound in response to playing on the keyboard unless the repetition of keystrokes is slowed to about a second apart.

This looks to familiar to a latency issue reported from other support channels but none of these have had response.

I have not tried to use the Studio One just yet but I would like to think that the box that I have just purchased will be fit to use against any midi capable software given that the hardware is the only common denominator.

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answered Mar 24, 2016 by ghasenbeck (354,810 points)
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This would be a great question for Apple, makers of Garageband, and or Yamaha; per there specific hardware and software specifications.