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Midi scores edited or created in Notion don’t playback correctly in garageband

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asked Feb 12, 2022 in Notion by davidstriar (120 points)

Midi files made in other program play fine in garage band, however after editing in Notion for iOS and then imported (as midi) into GB, the same file will stop playing on a seemingly random note which continues until it fades out while all other notes cease immediately. Pressing play as soon as the stop occurs temporarily results in normal playback until the same thing occurs again on a different note.

The same midi file after editing in notion plays back normally in Music Studio.

Saving the file as a wav results in an audio file that sounds like the midi file with the note progression ceasing on a random note that fades while all other notes cease. 

Again for clarity's sake...While midi files created or exported from other programs play correctly when imported into Garage Band, scores created in notion for iPad and exported as midi, or Midi files which have been imported into Notion and then edited there do not play back correctly when imported as midi into Garage Band yet are ok in at least one other mixing program I have tried this with..

Anyone have experience with this? Apple had no idea what was going on and said to call presonus... 

Thanks in advance...

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