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Can we have an option to send Error Reports directly to Presonus Support without logging into

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asked May 11, 2021 in Studio One 5 by leylandclopton (2,000 points)
After a crash, when you get the error report screen, I would like to have the option to submit the report directly to PreSonus instead of having to go to the website to make a post about it. It just seems to make more sense this way considering the overwhelming amount of crashes I'm getting. Most of the time it doesn't even name a plugin that caused the problem. I have recently had to set my auto save to 1 minute in order to make sure I don't lose any work. I have a 2019 MacBook Pro, running macOS 10.15 so Im sure my computer is not the issue. From what I have seen on various sources, upgrading to Big Sur problably would not fix anything, orly make things worse. All of my 3rd party plugins are paid for, so Im not sure what's happening. It seems with every update the crashes get worse and worse.

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answered May 14, 2021 by gergelygalgoczi (550 points)
+1, an error reporting tool would be nice.