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Studio One 4.6 Professional Crashes often when removing plugins.. Native, VST 2 & VST £

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asked Apr 4, 2020 in Studio One 4 by krisboland (280 points)

Hi Everyone, Mac spec above ! 

I wonder if anyone can help me with this. Studio one crashes very often when removing a plugin. I have looked at many threads etc and have checked the following, 

- VST 2/VST 3 Duplicates ( as in, I don't have the same plugin on both VST's if that makes sense) 

- Is it Native or 3rd party etc.. (it happens with all plugins) 

It happens on songs with only 4 tracks, songs with more tracks, some with very little DSP applied, even with only 1 or 2 plugins, so hardly any CPU being used etc and also happens on some songs with more plugins and higher CPU usage. 

I have seen a thread advising to remove and reinstall RAM cards and see if that solves it but I don't want to risk that. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully respond. 

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answered Jun 13, 2020 by mikebland (390 points)
I am having the exact same problems. I felt like once I did a recent update with Apple and the most recent studio one update, I have seen this problem almost constantly. I thought initially it was Catalina, but I’m seeing more now people with other operating systems having the same problem. Then I thought it was 3rd party plugins, now the studio one plugins are crashing constantly. I’m on the verge of wiping My computer clean and reinstalling everything or even possibly moving on from Studio One altogether. I’ve gone down so many avenues the last month or so to try and fix this problem with no progress. It’s extremely frustrating.
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answered Jun 14, 2020 by brandonjones17 (240 points)
i have the same problem whenever i try to remove output arcade.. studio one crashes every time.. even in version 3.. i don't know what it is
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answered Jul 3, 2020 by mikebland (390 points)
Another problem I’m also having now: After I get a good amount of scratch tracks down and save the song... it crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to open it back up. And I’m talking maybe 2-3 mins worth of music. One Kontakt open and 2 Ampires. That’s it. Once I get a little bit of music saved, every time I try to open it back up again, crashes. It’s extremely frustrating. I have recently upgraded my computer to Almost exactly Kris Borland specs except an intel i7 and I’ve had more problems now than ever had with previous studio ones and a lesser computer. I’ve used studio one for years but this is getting ridiculous. I’m eyeballing other DAWs at this point.
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answered Aug 31, 2020 by nathancarlton3 (430 points)
Yep. Very frustrating. I have a lot of disabled plugins because removing them is too risky.
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answered Feb 15, 2021 by rupertpfaff (650 points)
I have the same problem with Studio One v4.6 and Catalina - but it crashes if I either try to remove or disable a plugin - all I can do if it happens is to change to a preset which uses less CPU - no amount of restarts fixes it.
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answered Feb 12 by kbostroem (440 points)
Happens to me, too. After almost 3 years no fix of this bug???
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answered Nov 1 by alejandrosuazo (890 points)
Hello. Still having the exact same issue now 2023 with Studio One 6. I uninstalled some Korg VST and a project with these uninstalled VST crash on startup. Installed again the Korg VST and still crashing. Need open SO with options, disable all plugins and open, but in normally mode crash all the time. Presonus have so many problems with specific issues, but support is unexperienced guys that recommended "clean windows install "or remove USB devices... OMG.

I cancel my suscription, move on Cuabse again.