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Still crashing in 4.6.2

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asked Jun 8, 2020 in Studio One 4 by jondelvaux (220 points)

Just chiming in after the new update (4.6.2) - still crashing. Playing the track, mixing, TRACKING, editing audio, opening a VST, few VSTs, lots of VSTs, browsing. I get it all after 4.6, at least once a day. Audio engine freezing, loud repeating millisecond worth of audio, until StudioOne decides to finally close the process after manually closing it (sometimes takes a few minutes, during which I have to shut my monitors off and just twiddle my thumbs).

I'm sadly looking at ProTools now, as this is just unacceptable - ESPECIALLY when I'm working with a client behind me. It's nuts. Never been more embarrassed by something I've spent hundreds of dollars on.

Razer Blade 15 (2017)
Intel i7-8750H
Windows 10
Studio One 4.6 (etc)
Universal Audio Apollo x8p

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answered Jun 10, 2020 by Scardanelli (3,180 points)
Yep, just re-installed 4.6.1 - after experiencing ridiculous delays processing simple copy and paste - S1 was freezing, bursts of weird audio and simply duplicating a part would take a minute or more and freeze the app whilst it was doing it.

Worse, songs created in .6.2 now won't open in .6.1, so have to be completely rebuilt....not a happy person. Been with S1 since 2012, but now as I only use it to track and comp, I may go back to Logic for that, as I use Mixbus 32c for all my mixing these days. So I just wanna really quick pig for tracking, comping and composition. If S1 is going the way of Cubase and loading itself down, well, time to move on!
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answered Jun 10, 2020 by jedmurphy (140 points)
I just discovered that the third party plugins that are causing my songs to crash are v10. The upgraded version v11 of the same plugin does not cause a crash. Using Waves.