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Any plugin header window removed

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asked May 15, 2021 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by andyhodgson (340 points)
Plugin container windows, So far, Protools & Studione share a clutter mess of a plugin top boarder. (just above the plugin) - this not only looks very ugly, but when doing videos or have clients in the studio its just not a good look!. and even worse if you have instances of....

FL studio has it the right way, - please allow a down arrow to expand or collapse the top part of the plugin window.

Thats all.


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answered May 15, 2021 by kitwhale (240 points)
Well for starters "wym"? You can minimize any plugn to the console by X out or pin it to remain on top and if you mean the menu where you pick out the plugins to use, those are also yeah wym?

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answered Sep 21, 2023 by andyhodgson (340 points)

Ok this is what I mean...There is no need for it, and when you have a lot of "util" plugins it just takes up more space than its needed. the best wa, is the lil arrow at the top of the bar, to collapse that entire pannel would be a godsend!.

EDIT: Image is not showing for some reason.

IM talking about the Plugin header (above the plugin), Compare, copy, etc etc, loads of wasted space for no reason.