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Add Spitfire BBCSO Core presets in Notion

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asked May 25, 2021 in Notion Feature Requests by axelchambily (220 points)
EWQL and VSL are fine, but a bit old. A growing number of composers are using Spitfire.

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answered May 26, 2021 by benotcervelli (1,020 points)
BBC SO Core should really be easily usable in Notion, and GPO should be 5 !

Can we find Notion rules for BBC SO core somewhere ? It could be a first step...
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answered May 26, 2021 by wesleypeterson (20,890 points)
It's a bit tedious but you could make it. It doesn't take too long but it is an annoying process. I've made them for CSS, CSB, CSW, AR, SSS, SSB, SSW and MSS ( but they are all a bit screwy, not using standard notation when it suits my needs.)

If you're using Windows (I don't know about Macs) you might want to disable BBC's VST3 as Notion 6 only uses VST2s. When you use the Notion function "Send to Studio One", you have to set up your synths on each track again because Studio One will open the VST3 version of BBC. You don't have to do that if it opens the VST2 version.
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answered Jul 4, 2023 by herbievantetering (380 points)
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In this thread I make some major Spitfire plugin rules as 'instruments' available for Notion:

This is a work under development and has legato timings, dynamics, sensa- & con sordino's and smart features like triggering different patches depending on velocity.

It's very much a work under development with commercial releases underway.