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Record multiple audio tracks independently

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asked May 27, 2021 in Studio One 5 by denniswminium (150 points)
Noob here, please be gentle.  I tried, but couldn't find the answer on the forum/KB.  Maybe I don't know how to frame it.  

I have a Roland Juno DS88 synth plugged into input 1 on my Studio 24c.  If I record two tracks from this synth using Studio One, e.g. a Piano track with piano sounds and a Strings track with bass and orchestra, the first track recorded (Piano) is replicated on the second track recorded (Strings). Further, if I add a third track, the third track includes all of the sounds from the first two.  So the tracks are cumulative, not independent.  I want to be able to control volume, delete or re-record an instrument, etc., independently.

Additional info in case it's pertinent: I'm listening to playback through headphones attached to the headphone jack on the back of the Studio 24c.  The only jacks in use on the 24c: headphones out, Input 1 in, and the USB C connector to my computer.  Nothing in the MIDI or main out ports.  In Studio One, I have the record trigger set only for the track I'm trying to record.

So: am I doing something wrong?  Should I be using the MIDI inputs or something?

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