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96KHz project sample rate with 48KHz stems

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asked Jun 11, 2021 in Mixing by benwinch (420 points)
In Reaper (as in Luna; I don't know about other DAWs) I can set my project sample rate 96KHz and import 48KHz stems, which for me replaces the internal-oversampling function that Reaper does not yet have. I understand that this is not recommended in Studio One, nor does Studio One support internal oversampling. Can I please request that one or the other of these features be implemented? And no, oversampling on render is not what I'm requesting. We need to hear this stuff in real time.


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answered Jun 13, 2021 by vasilykorytov (11,460 points)
96k projects with 48k audio files work without problems for years (I've used this from S1 3). you don't need to 'upsample' 48k stems to 96k as this won't improve their quality. think of it like this: 48k files just don't have anything above 24khz, so upsampling them to 96k won't magically add this information, nor enhance audio in any other ways. running the project at 96k though will run FX at 96k and there may be a difference.