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Sample rate issue

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asked Jan 18, 2020 in Studio One 4 by alexortwein (120 points)

New to S1, having an issue i've been working on for a week now and it's starting to get me. I've found others with similar problems but none of the solutions seem to work for me.

My issue is I cannot click away from S1 (to say youtube or any other window) and then click back to S1 without a warning saying "Please make sure that the sample rates of your recording and playback devices match."

The song sample rate is set to 44.1, and my windows playpack interface (Micca Origen G2) is set to 44.1. I have turned off windows events because I read those sample at 48. I'm at a loss what i'm missing. S1 then requires me to turn off my dac and back on again for sound to work again, and it also crashes the other window that was playing sound. And yes I have the "release background audio" checked. I also get an error saying please make sure your speakers are in stereo?

Any help would be appreciated, it's really impacting my learning of this program as i'm often watching tutorials.

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answered Jan 19, 2020 by elliottsebag (7,610 points)


What is your Win OS version ? What is you Studio One version ? 

Are you using the Micca G2 as audio interface both in Windows sound preferences & Studio One Audio settings ? Or something else. 

Also did you checked the exclusivity options :

for windows : Open sound preferences, right click your output device, proprieties, Advanced Stats tab, try with the exclusive mode options enabled & disabled. (i have them on)

for Studio One : Audio Setup, in Audio Device tab, uncheck "Release audio device in background" (i think its reversed here, but when unchecked i can keep studio one playing when clicking out of it and can hear other medias if i play them (as long as session sample rate is still 44.1kHz as other files/medias that could be played back in parallel) .

You interface doesn't seems like a conventional one, and i don't know about it, but the issue might come from it following how it works & how its set. 

Hope this might give you some leads to investigate on and that you'll be able to fix your issue soon. 

Kind regards, 

Elliott S.