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No sound issue when playback.

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asked Jun 14, 2021 in Studio One 5 by jeany (1,120 points)
I have two projects. Let's assume project A and B. When I loaded both of them at a time, Project A doesn't sound at all. I checked the input signal at the left bottom side and there is no input signal. It seems kind of a bug.

How to make it sound again?

Thank you.

2 Answers

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answered Jun 14, 2021 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi.  When you say projects are you opening two project pages (part of the mastering suite of Studio One Pro) or two songs on two arranger windows?  In Studio one terminology the "Project Page" is where you bring the songs made on the "Songs Page/Arranger windows" for mastering an album.  
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answered Jun 15, 2021 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
That is what I thought you meant but for reasons I am sure you understand, I needed to clarify the situation first.