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Can't hear playback in Capture 3 Session

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asked Sep 7, 2020 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by ZiggyDude (920 points)

I opened a capture 3 session on laptop.  Recorded into channel 3 on my AR16c.  I heard the signal in the monitor and the board got the signal.  Capture 3 recorded something.  When I hit playback I see the level meters on track 3 and 17/18 respond.  So something is there.  I don't see a wave form though on the timeline though - it looks straight.

I can't hear anything on playback.  During playback 3/17/18 act like there is a signal. I tried with and without the USB return.  It seems like capture 3 has a signal but it doesn't get back to the board.  

Help appreciated.

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answered Sep 9, 2020 by jonnydoyle (384,010 points)
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Have you engaged the USB button to hear back what you have recorded? 

USB return 1/2 - Section 3.3/Page 9

USB return 3/4 - Section 3.2.1/Page 9


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answered Sep 9, 2020 by ZiggyDude (920 points)
Yes - I tried it with and without several times.  That was my first thought actually.  The only way I can get sound was to disconnect the laptop from the mixer and listen to it through the laptop speakers.  Perhaps that just refers to the SD recorder?
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answered Sep 13, 2020 by stef z (150 points)
I have the same exact problem with CAPTURE 3 with the same exact mixer purchased 2 weeks ago..I can see signal on the tracks but i was not able to listen any playback..tried the USB return BUTTON (1\2 AND 3\4) and NOTHING works.Additionaly channel 1 signal level is always high even without a source plugged and the fader completely down..Seems to be a flaw of the sofware..PLEASE HELP!!!
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answered Oct 8, 2020 by emersonhawley (140 points)
I have the same problems with Capture 3.  Very low recording levels and I can't hear anything during playback.  There's no indication of a signal on the board.  Like where am I supposed to hear it?  The phones on the board?  Computer speakers?  Not a clue in the doc.
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answered Nov 13, 2020 by laurentlardry (190 points)

meme probleme avec une table achetee la semaine derniere ...pas de reponse de presonus !!

En plus pas moyend etrouver high sierra pour faire marcher studio One...
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answered Feb 28 by andrsrinaldo (140 points)
Only via bluetooth.

I´m about to ask for my money back. But the locals dealers, here in Argentina, dont´know anything about beeing honest.

And when i export the tracks to studio one some tracks sound like a crashed car.

It´s so expensive for me. it´s a shame.