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closed M1 mini running Big Sur sees my StudioLive 16 mk3 ...but no sound

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asked Jan 18, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by dylangadwa (930 points)
closed Jan 21, 2021 by dylangadwa
I wanted to check in with other users and see if anyone else has noticed the same thing:  I'm running an M1 Mac Mini.  Big Sur sees my StudioLive 16 mk3 in the Sound control panel, but no sound.  For now, I'm just testing simple output using things like iTunes.  Universal Control recognizes the mixer and seems to interact properly with it.

Have other people been successful in actually getting sound in and out of the mixer with this setup?  Feels like I am *this* close to having it running but can't figure it out.  Is it a compatibility issue or am I overlooking some small detail?
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answered Jan 20, 2021 by mackjohnson1 (71,500 points)

You probably need to set the computer return channels to USB. Most computers are set to 1 and 2 natively so all you'll need to do is select channel 1 and change it's input to USB.

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