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Midi not tracking properly

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asked Jun 22, 2021 in Studio One 5 by glenroach (270 points)
Hi all.  I looked and could not find a definitive answer and what I did find was old. I am using a Korg K61 midi keyboard controller, Presonus Studio 24C, and Studio One 5 professional. Widows 10 PC, 32 gig ram, Ryzen 9 3900X. Native Instruments Vintage Organs plugin.

When I record the organ part it sound correct when recording. When I play it back it plays correct in parts and in other parts it plays some really weird rhythms. I can go in the piano roll and correct it.  Is this jitter?  Is there a way to make it stop doing this.

Thanks in advance

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answered Jun 22, 2021 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi there.  A quick look at your comment and I think you may have "Input Qunatize" switched on.  It is a button labelled "I.Q." at the top of the screen.  If it is lit up in blue, then you have Input Quantize turned on.  It is useful for somethings but it really needs to be set correctly or else it **CAN** cause weird playback artifacts by quantizing to the wrong values.   
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answered Jun 22, 2021 by glenroach (270 points)
edited Jun 23, 2021 by glenroach
Thanks aka_busker!  That was the issue.  I never ran into this problem before and was worried my controller was going bad. I must have clicked on the "IQ" button by accident. I do that more often that I should.

Thanks again!
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answered Jun 22, 2021 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
No problem at all.  Input Quantize can be useful for all sorts of things.  I have used it when tracking electric drums to good effect.  Or when putting an Atom performance together.  I am glad you got it sorted though.