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Will the Studio 24c Work with Mac M1 Chip?

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asked Jun 23, 2021 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by jimmyxiaoxiao (130 points)

I've checked the forum but am not sure if the 24c Interface will work with an M1 Mac Mini now.

Does the Presonus Studio 24c work with the new M1 chips yet?


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answered Jul 18, 2022 by noujoumouazza (160 points)
Please -PreSonus.
I just bought a new Studio24c
I went home to register and download the software and drivers, and when I tried to register my product
I received an error message saying, 'This product key has already been registered. Please provide an unused product key.'
what can I do to fix it, it is a new used product 22-02-22 mes with so I do not understand why I receive this mess
The number ) tank you