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Change/merge Split actions and shortcuts

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asked Jun 29, 2021 in Editing by mikesupina (6,390 points)
I would request that you merge the split functions, even if it was just for this ONE thing, that in Pro Tools, if you hit Command+E, you can split the clip at the cursor, OR if you make a selection, you can hit the same key command and it splits and separates the selection of the clip on both sides.

In Studio One, you need two different key commands for two different actions (split at cursor and split range), when it's much easier to just have one key command to do the purpose of splitting events.

Please consider adding this, or merging the two actions of "split at cursor" and "split range" because the editing workflow is where I feel the average "recording to tape and editing" on steroids users get left behind in favor of electronics songwriter user requests. It would be awesome if this DAW could hang in both departments. I mean no disrespect, truly; it's just that Pro Tools is still king as far as digital tape machines and editing on steroids is concerned.

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