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Customizable encoders on StudioLive Series III mixers

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asked Jun 30, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by juergenboehme (1,410 points)

   I have a StudioLive 16 Series III mixer with these encoders on the top left. There is a user layer where I can customize the parameters these encoders shall control.

But for the additional state space addins (compressors and equalizers) it is not possible to customize which encoder should control which parameter. This means that I always need to have a look which encoder controls which parameter each time when I switch between different channels with different plugins loaded.

Of course all the plugins have different features and characteristics which is a benefit. But for a consistent workflow I would additionally prefer to be able to route encoders and buttons for the same parameters in the plugins (e.g, low gain, low mid gain. high mid gain, high gain) to the same encoders. 

Perhaps there could be a touch behavior for the programming:

1) Press an "assign" button.
2) Touch a function in the plugin to select
3) Turn an encoder or press a button
4) Press "assign" again or a "Confirm" function

This capability would make the mixer more intuitive for me.

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