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Music showroom and support the artists are the missing party!

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asked Jul 5, 2021 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by Michael1985 (12,820 points)

Studio One needs a place to spread our music to the world that as many people can enjoy your music as possible :)

Studio One has the mixing page, after that the mastering page and a perform page, and now presonus sphere to collaborate in an easy way.

The missing part now is a music showroom for all the artists and other people, where you can load in your finished projects with cover art and some other infos, everybody can listen to it and can support/collaborate with you if they want to. This should be part of Studio One (like it was with soundcloud, but please a full featured version especially for Presonus users).

Part of it could be also a wide collaboration with video artists, cover artists and other creative people who can contact you if they want a part of your music or your audio book, short movie a.s.o. because it would be cool if someone could load up a video and other people have good ideas or a plan what to do with it. There are apps like that but I mean easy and full inegreation into Studio One, so you can export directly to this place fast&easy.

Very important: This should be the solution to the last step of your music, this is especially good for hobby producers, who dont have the money&time to  make the marketing and art stuff beside their music.

So this showroom could be connected to youtube and distribution apps like amazon music, I-tunes a.s.o. and you can load them up to there from the showroom. Also a marketing&spreading solution should be implement. Other people can support you with their efforts if they like your music. This place is a connection betwee foreign people who just want to have a place to spread their music that as many people as possible have fun with the music! :)

Because many music of you and other artists is not seen in the world so we need a place to spread our music tot the world!

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