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Importing Project/Song from from Reason 11 Suite to Studio One 5.2.

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asked Jul 9, 2021 in Studio One 5 by larusblondal (120 points)
Dear You.

I have both Reason 11 Suite and Studio One 5.2. I want to transfer a song I recorded in Reason 11 Suite and transfer it to Studio One 5.2. Is it possible? If possible - how is it done?

With best regards from ICELAND


Larus H. Blondal

Gerdhamrar 34,

112 Reykjavik.


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answered Jul 9, 2021 by allengarvey (860 points)
There is no way for Studio One to directly open Reason song files, so in Reason you would need to export all the audio tracks as wav files and export the midi. If you use any rack instruments/effects it would be a good idea to either save their current settings as presets or combine your instruments/effect chains in combinators and save those as combinator patches. In Studio One you would then create an empty song, import all the wav files and the midi, and assign instances of the Reason Rack Plugin to the midi tracks, using your newly saved presets.