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"Cubase drum maps" (re-pitching input MIDI notes, not pitch name lists)

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asked Jul 12, 2021 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by fl16 (1,660 points)
Studio One "drum maps" are actually only pitch name lists.

In "Cubase drum maps" for each track, you can assign each MIDI note of an input device to another MIDI note that will be read by the plugin placed in the track.

As far as I've read, this is not possible in Studio One.

This is critical when using an electronic drum kit to trigger for instance a set of percussion hits that are loaded in a set of arbitrary notes that don't match the notes of the drum kit pads.

Changing the notes of each pad of the drum kit is not an option in many real life situations. You may need to use the drum kit on one track with one plugin that has the kick in one note, and the same drum kit on another track with another plugin that has the kick on a different note. Those two tracks may very well coexist in the same project. Example of plugins with different mappings that you may want to trigger with the same MIDI device: ezdrummer, maschine drum kits, kontakt custom kits, percussion libraries, etc.

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