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Wierd behavior for the Record function controlled by Mackie Control

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asked Jul 18, 2021 in Studio One 5 by gunnarcarlson (120 points)

When controlling Studio One 5 ( using the Mackie Control protocol I get very strange behavior for the Record function. Play, Stop and other tested function works as expected, but Record does not.

When I press Record in Studio One, the commands are sent to the Mackie control to set the state for Play=On, Stop=Off and Record=On, just as expected. If I press record a second time in Studio One, a command to set Record=Off is sent. The Mackie control keeps in sync with the transport state in Studio One.

When I press Record on Mackie, recording is started in Studio One and the transport state is echoed back from Studio 5 to Mackie as follows: Play=On, Stop=Off, Record=Off(!) Studio One is recording, but both Mackie and Studio One show the Record button as Off. If I press Record again on Mackie, recording stops in Studio One and the state Record=On is sent(!) Now both Studio One and Mackie indicates that recording is active, but it is not.

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answered Oct 25, 2022 by rolandrichards (330 points)
What operation system do you use?