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Dynamic Snap Grid Resolution

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asked Mar 4, 2021 in Look and Feel by michaelpardus1 (2,700 points)
So this is something that makes me stop using Studio one completely. it is counterintuitive and basically baffles me how people can use this software to this day?


It's one big mess. When you zoom in, zoom out, your grid goes crazy and even displays wrongly half of the time. Lines are uneven, not to the beat, just pure chaos. How you can work like this. Such thing is working in other daws since beggining of time. Why in Studio One every time you zoom in or out your grid shows you whatever it wants? Try to mark something with snap that does not care what zoom you are in. You copy something to later discover that when you zoom in you actually missed one beat because zoom you were in made snap snap to grid that was drunk at that time. Why this is happening in 2021 and version 5?

PLEASE MAKE SNAP AND GRID SCALE ACCORDINGLY TO ZOOM SIZE Like in every other DAW I know. Just watch Cubase if you want to know how it should be done.

PLEASE people vote for this as currently it is one big mess! Even Grid can be messed up in the middle of sample or or moved by one beat. You think - oh **** I moved it? NO! When you zoom in grid changes and suddenly grid is on start and end of the sample! Seriously WTF?!!!

How this is possible?

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answered May 20, 2021 by louisschefano (190 points)
Please help! I am on verge of ditching S1 because I cannot figure out wtf is going on with the grid lines.

Something so fundamental to recording any virtual instrument. What are they thinking?

No one can explain how to set it so it’s useable same as in Pro Tools.