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Can't see automation curves

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asked Aug 1, 2021 in Studio One 5 by cedricmialaret (1,530 points)


I created an instrument track with 2 automations: expression and Dynamics and have them shown as 2 lanes.

However, they appear as lines, as if parameters were not changed.

I was expecting to see 2 curves, showing the automation I did record.

To view them, I have to go to the Editor and select either Dynamics or Expression to view the curves.

Otherwise, the only way to see that automation was indeed recorded and does affect the play, are the horizontal bars under the lane names, whose fill keeps changing with time.

1. Is this a bug?
2. If not, how can I see the automations as curves and not horizontal lines?



Studio One Professional 5.3 latest version on Windows 10 latest version.

Automation lanes shown as horizontal lines instead of curves

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