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AudioBox iTwo: No sound, no drivers, nada.

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asked Aug 11, 2021 in AudioBox i-Series by fukkyousideways (250 points)
It started with not being able to hear my monitors despite my PC recognizing the interface and my monitoring headphones working with no issue.

After 3 days with tech support, the problem has progressed into Universal Control and my drivers completely breaking, me not being able to hear anything through the interface at all and the interface not being recognized by windows at all.

Let me retrace my steps:

1. I updated my drivers, updated windows, upgraded my mobo bios.

2. I followed these optimization tips and promptly reversed them, because they did nothing other then make my desktop look and run terribly
3. I added 8 gigs of ram, going from 8 to 16.

4. I deleted my nahmic drivers, manually deleted every driver from presonus via device manager, deleted the universal controller and reinstalled it

That's where I am now.

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answered Aug 11, 2021 by fukkyousideways (250 points)
I switched around the usb ports and fenagled with re-reinstalling the software, so now I'm back to my original problem. I can hear through my headphones, but not my monitors. Total weirdness.