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Why is my audiobox seen as recognized on my PC, but produces no sound?

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asked Dec 24, 2019 in AudioBox USB by Despotes518 (270 points)
My audiobox 96 usb interface is seen as an audio device and enabled on my windows 10 PC, but it produces no playback sound now (suddenly, after switching USB ports--already tried switching back) and makes youtube videos start after about 5-10 seconds and every video always comes with a small popping *crackle* noise beforehand. Very odd. I've tried reinstalling the drivers, disabling and re-enabling, and I've tried every port on my PC.

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answered Jan 1 by pauloteixeira3 (150 points)
I have exactly the same problems... :-(
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answered Jan 5 by bulatkhannanov (160 points)
my friend, I have the same problem, I even tried to install different versions of windows 10, but this also does not help, I have already opened the dispute 3 times, but they can’t advise anything. As I understand it, these are driver curves