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The SIMPLEST but MOST AMAZING Feature request EVER!..... (Audition Player)

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asked Aug 18 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by calvinwinbush (310 points)

As the title states, this is an EASY but AMAZING feature request.

When auditioning a sound with the audition player in the Files of the Browse window... currently the arrow keys do this:

UP: Plays the sound directly above

DOWN: Play the sound directly below

LEFT: Goes to the previous contained folder

RIGHT: Plays the sound directly below....

If you noticed, Down and Right currently do the same thing... it's repetitive and wasteful, but also there's a MUCH better option.

Have the "RIGHT" arrow key play the SAME sound that was originally auditioned!

Coming to Studio One from FL studio, I was able to not only audition the SOUND, but tap out a rhythm using the "Right" arrow key and see if I even LIKED the sound in combination with the rest of the track. This also helps me to choose the actual rhythm of the song sometimes as well.

In addition to this (and I may have to create a separate request for this) Could we PLEASE just here the sounds in the file section of the Browser window when we click on them instead of having to "activate" the play function? We clicked on it....we wanna here it! lol. Is there a feature setting to make sure that's always on? If so let me know. But the original feature request stands.

This is a SMALL request with HUGE implications for anyone coming over from FL studio like myself. Heck, I will help you write the code for this myself if I need to!

Thanks so much!

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answered Sep 16 by pierricantoine (490 points)
I agree ! As  you said this is a simple thing, but it changes everything when you're looking quickly for a sample that will fit your sound.