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EUCON support for Studio One

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asked Aug 29, 2021 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by carlospacini (390 points)
Dear Presonus,

Many professional studios around the world consider Studio One, as I do, the best DAW on the market. I highlight its sound quality which is second to none – a sound that inspires. The sound of Studio One has soul and feeling.

What stops those professionals to jump to Studio One is the comfort that they have with Avid’s S6 and now also the S4 both. The S4 has everything that the S6 has only in a more compact form, geared more towards music creation, mixing, mastering and post production including Dolby Atmos surround, etc.

Six years ago, I bought an SSL Matrix simply to control Studio One. Now I bought an Avid S4. After speaking with Avid, they told me that the EUCON protocol is completely at the disposal of the manufactures of all DAWs and that I should contact Presonus and tell them that Avid is at their disposal in case they would implement the EUCON protocol. Avid stated additionally that the EUCON protocol is at the disposal  in the same way it has been implemented in Pro Tools or better as much as the DAW manufacturer wants a perfect implementation.

Studio One with this EUCON implementation would put it once and for all in the highest tier of the professional Music Studios!

Kind regards.

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answered Jan 1, 2022 by natedebar (350 points)
not an answer, offering my agreement and support of this. It would take Studio One to the next level.
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answered Jan 10, 2022 by danielkohn (390 points)
It would be amazing, since i use Avid S Series as well.....I still hope for it as well
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answered Jan 18, 2022 by mattwafaie (1,280 points)
Please, Presonus, we need this!
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answered Jan 22, 2022 by paulbezanson (470 points)
I agree whole heartedly.  It would solidify Studio One as truly Professional platform.  Given my investment in the Avid "S" line, Studio One's lack of support for EUCON prevents me from considering it for my studio, even though it clearly surpasses Pro Tools in many significant respects.
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answered Mar 26, 2022 by asmundma (300 points)
Yes, get your acts together !
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answered Apr 9, 2022 by ericma2 (920 points)
Not an answer either... I just want to say I understand PreSonus not wanting Avid controllers cutting into their sales.   I would buy a PreSonus controller if they made a proper one.   Give us rotary encoders on every channel and a better scribble strip and I'm there but until then, please implement Eucon.
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answered Apr 20, 2022 by gaetzsch (1,770 points)
I just bought an S3 controller. Since S1 still doesn't support EUCON it's time to go. I am very unhappy about this, but the controller is worth changing. Not Pro Tools but Samplitude. Others see more of the big picture. If S1 supports Eucon at some point, I might come back. Bye.
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answered Apr 25, 2022 by anastasiospavlidis (250 points)
That would be Amazing!
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answered May 4, 2022 by bernardosendeski (340 points)
Waiting for this moment as well.

I think when Studio One enter on the Surround, supporting Dolby Atmos and integrate EUcon to the system, they will have all the tools that any professional engineer needs.
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answered Aug 11, 2022 by michaelgroom (240 points)
I completely agree with everyone. Faderport is  great but being able to use Eucon Control would put Studio One out there for so many new users. Please make it happen in Studio One 6. It will make Studio One number daw no doubt.
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answered Oct 21, 2022 by rolandrichards (540 points)
yes Presonus implement Eucon logic has it I have three artist series which a great controllers.I tried everything to get them working on M1 Mac and Stdio one 5 but no resolve .I am unable to even see a port for Eucon.

 Please  Please  Please  Please Please.
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answered Oct 25, 2022 by rolandrichards (540 points)
I agree please can Studio just give a script ,all other DAW it works live , Ableton Logic ,Luna .repear. It is simple make it happen i love the daw but it means I have to buy another controller.

Please Please Please Please
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answered Nov 11, 2022 by carlospacini (390 points)
This has to be done!! There’s a lot fellow engineers who like Studio One, but won’t abandon controllers like the S4 or S6…. Let's do it soon, PreSonus!
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answered Nov 11, 2022 by arielferrante1 (250 points)

In my home studio I have all Presonus controllers, and I can say that an S4 or S6 will not interfere with the sales of Presonus products.

Top professional engineers and producers are the opinion makers. High-level engineers will never abandon consoles like the S5, S6 or S4. And they are - I'll say again - the opinion makers in favor of Studio One. So, it will cost Presonus nothing to implement this since the Eucon protocol is opened by Avid.

And then many professionals will migrate to studio one, given the facilities and quality of the software.

Please Presonus, do it this month, this can be done fast! You're losing this great opportunity to gain new top-level users. And there's almost no cost at all for Presonus.

I am a mixing engineer at Cinecolor Digital, one of South America's biggest post-production studios.

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answered Nov 12, 2022 by johnsilva5 (250 points)
We the professionals are not going to abandon Avid controllers. Presonus needs to implement EUCON for Studio One urgently. Besides, all third-party plugins are already mapped to Eucon, because a lot of people already use it in other DAWs. So Presonus won't even have to bother to do that, just with their own plug-ins and instruments.
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answered Mar 11, 2023 by stevedaymusic (810 points)
Presonus, PLEASE add Eucon support to Studio One.  We need this so badly.  Cubase has already done it and now it's your turn.
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answered Mar 22, 2023 by louderstudioigor (380 points)
+1. Please please
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answered Aug 17, 2023 by caramiafrederick (2,960 points)
Hello, we are many sound engineers coming from protools whit artist series controller. We can’t go to studio one because it doesn’t have EUCON integration. Can you implement this protocol in studio one like protools, cubase and logic?

Thanks a lot. It will be a game changer for many of us.
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answered Aug 27, 2023 by caramiafrederick (2,960 points)

Come on Presonus, we need EUCON protocol !!!

Thanks a lot
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answered Jan 30 by caramiafrederick (2,960 points)
Pleas, I'm waiting for this!