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Can Presonus please Support Eucon Avid

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asked Jun 8, 2022 in PreSonus Sphere Feature Requests by michaellewis16 (310 points)
Hi Presonus.

I am a professional Video Editor and work in post production houses globally.

I love Studio One and I know that many profession mixers do too. (in the broadcast world)

The problem is, many sound engineers I work with want to move over to Studio One

but are unable because of hardware investments already made Avid S-series hardware.

And companies won't re-invest in something that isn't broken.

However, tv is a huge market and getting Studio One into the broadcast environment will eventually create hardware sales for Presonus. They key is getting the software into the studios and in-front of people and the name Studio One being used instead of ProTools which is the industry standard for tv. And to do that Presonus has to support Eucon S-series first because not supporting it results in a "no way in" approach.

I hope that both marketing and development can see what I'm saying and because I know countless sound mixers that want to use Studio One. But right now, no one in TV know what Studio One is. Because it's not in our orbit.

Anyway, that's my 2cents and I'd love to see Presonus take the thrown in this area over Avid because they currently dominate the spaces.


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