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How To Route SL32R Through Show Page and Back To SL32R

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asked Oct 9 in Studio One 5 by ericdpaul (340 points)
Hi There, I recently acquired the Studio Live 32R and I have a routing question. I am using the SL32R in conjunction with Studio One V5 Show Page and I am having trouble figuring out a routing issue.

What I am trying to accomplish is plugging a live microphone into the SL32R, then using Effect from the SL32R and sending the signal into Studio One show page where I have a channel with Auto Tune on it. I then want to be able to send the channel from Studio One Show Page back out to the SL32R.

The issue I am having is a doubling or chorus like sound to the vocal as there are 2 audio sources when there should only be one. I Both the fader in Studio One and the SL32R are controlling the level of the channel. I am sending the channel from SL32R Analog into Studio One and then digital back to the SL32R and out Main 1-2.

If someone can assist with how to properly route this to avoid getting doubling.

Thank you!

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