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Show Page - ability to switch between presets seamlessly in a song [Completed 5.5]

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asked Jul 11, 2020 in Completed Feature Requests by [email protected] (1,250 points)

Show Page - ability to switch between presets seamlessly in a song - without cutting out sound from one preset to the next.

This is similar to Apple Mainstage when your playing one preset in a virtual instrument, and switch to a different preset, the first sound (or preset) you are playing does not get cut off. This would be valuable in the Show Page when you create a "Song" with any given number of presets that you would like change presets manually during live performance. It would also be useful if this was reflected in the performance view, the ability to change preset in a song, glitch free, from that view.

References of this feature are: Korg Kronos - Set Lists, Mainstage, and below is a link to gig performer which also does this.

In Gig performer its called: Instant Switching

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answered Jul 11, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,880 points)
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