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Studio One ignoring MIDI inputs that are playing fine in synth software on the same Mac M1

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asked Oct 19, 2021 in Studio One 4 by markbuse (300 points)
edited Oct 19, 2021 by markbuse

Studio One seems to depend on communicating directly with MIDI sources even though my sources are MIDI flows coming in through iConnectivity MIOxm or MIOxl from such things as pipe organ consoles. Even though synth instruments in StudioOne are set to accept all inputs, including connected bluetooth MIDI, and the Studio One monitor shows that its receiving the MIDI information just fine, none of the StudioOne synth instruments listen to the inputs. 

I was hoping to find more sophisticated MIDI support in Studio One for Ethernet and Bluetooth as well, not a primitive approach that presumes all inputs are directly connected to the computer via simple single-midi interfaces or USB. 

In this second example, the audio present in the Mac from another synth responding to the same MID inputs can be seen in Studio One, along with the inbound MIDI information that StudioOne shows in its MIDI monitor, but none of that MIDI information is reaching the StudioOne synth instruments despite them being told to receive MIDI from the very same active source(s). 

In the third example, Studio One is still not properly routing MIDI to its synth instruments when the MIDI data is coming in through an iConnectivity MIOxm, but the StudioOne MIDI monitor gets it all...

MIDI patches into StudioOne should have been far easier. It seems that in an overly zealous attempt to 'automate' MIDI input, StudioOne developers have gotten in the way of some of the most obvious MIDI sources. Visual patching paths are also easier to follow that hidden drop boxes on the instruments that only become visible when they are stretched. How about a dedicated window to show MIDI patches and MIDI traffic, and software that doesn't try to overthink MIDI input connections?

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