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Notion 6: Manual MIDI input of notes in non-real time doesn't appear to work. (Real time recording works fine).

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asked Sep 6, 2017 in Notion by Goman999 (200 points)
[Alienware 17 R4  ---  Windows 10 64-bit --- Notion 6 -- Standard USB connection to AKAI LPK25 midi keyboard]

This may be a lack of understanding on my part.  My MIDI keyboard works fine for inputting notes in real-time record mode -- it records while playing back Notion sounds and then displays the played notes at the end.  However, if I'm trying to input notes slowly in non-real time, I hear the Notion sound being played for each key press, but no notes are showing up on the staff.  (In fact, I see the same thing happening with the on-screen keyboard when I try to use that.)  Clearly the connection seems to be ok since real-time works.  I'm experienced with notation programs, but fairly new to Notion -- am I failing to put the editor into the correct mode for input or something?  (I first highlight the staff location for input and then I select a note duration from the on-screen toolbar.  Should I be doing something else?)  Thanks!

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answered Sep 6, 2017 by Goman999 (200 points)
I believe I have answered my own question.  Maybe this will still be of use to someone else in the future.  The answer hinges completely on Step Time.  Now that I know about it and have found out about activating Step Time mode from the Transport, it all seems to work fine.  Thanks.