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A hot key that instantly pastes a single midi Note on C3 without having to open the Editor.

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asked Oct 30, 2021 in Editing by erichwk (140 points)
I like to use a lot of Samples, Especially with Komplete Kontrol. Whenever I scrub through my one shots with Kontakt and I pick one.. It would be amazing if there was a button that just instantly posted a single C3 midi note on your timeline instead of having to double click on your timeline, to open the editor..then zoom in on the midi editor and manually add the midi note.

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answered Oct 30, 2021 by matthewritenburg (17,280 points)

This can be done quite easily by creating a custom macro and then assigning the macro to a keyboard short cut.

It took me about 2 minutes to create a custom macro that performs two actions:

1. Insert instrument part

2. Create a single note at C3

I then went into the keyboard shortcuts editor and assigned my custom macro to an unused key. In this case I used the semicolon key because there was no keyboard shortcut already assigned to the semicolon key

Now, when I press the semicolon key (;) an instrument part is added to a track and a single note at C3 is inserted.  Keep in mind that this is only one simple example of almost limitless possible solutions to your question. You can play around with creating custom macros to get exactly the result you want (and do all other kinds of stuff).  Macros are very worth learning.

Here is a screen shot of the result of pressing the semicolon key: