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PreSonus Quantum 2 22x24 randomly disconnected; can't reconnect

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asked Nov 11, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by thomaskresge (120 points)
Have a Quantum 2 22x24 connected to a late 2013 Mac Pro via thunderbolt 2. OSX 10.14.6. Was able to connect it at one point, and it was working fine for a while (albeit inputs being incompatible with a couple randoms programs, such as Discord). Anyway, it randomly disconnected today and nothing I do seems to get it to reconnect. I have tried

-Restarting the interface

-Power cycling the interface

-Switching thunderbolt ports (on both the computer and interface)

-Switching to a different thunderbolt cable

-Restarting the computer

-Power cycling the computer

-Resetting PRAM/NVMRAM

-Uninstalling and reinstalling Universal Control

-Using earlier versions of Universal Control

-And all the various permutations of the above

The thing just... won't connect now. Was literally just playing a youtube video when suddenly sound just cut out, and the power button went red. Blue thunderbolt light just flashes infinitely.

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answered Feb 5, 2022 by liamnelson5 (140 points)
Same issue, same OSX version, but mid-2014 Macbook Pro.

The only thing that has worked is reinstalling Universal Control...

Anyone out there have ideas?