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PLEASE can y’all please update the piano roll??

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asked Nov 12, 2021 in MIDI Editing by andrewilliams20 (200 points)
I think I can speak for about 70% of us that love’s S1, and will agree that the piano needs some new features and changes! Like I like the fact that I can lock the scale I choose but why doesn’t the keys change with the scale like FL Studio’s. I’m more of a click-in producer rather than actually playing keys. I think some editing features need to be refined. For example and I don’t mean to sound biased but I would soooo love if I can left-click the note in and right-click to delete it. I hate to hold a command key or press a number to switch to the edit tool. When we change the scale in piano roll there should be an option to view the notes on the keys. And it’s so much other little things that would matter if y’all take the time to do it. I would appreciate it and I know the producer community that’s been using S1 would so much agree and be thank for. Make it happen for the 5.5 update plzzzzzzz!!!

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