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How to display the note values for all of the notes in the piano roll within Studio One?

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asked Mar 13, 2023 in MIDI Editing by billlong (350 points)
Studio One version 6 does not display the note values for the notes within the Piano Roll unless you click on each note individually. I have seen a video where, by expanding the vertical height of the notes within the Piano Roll, the value of each note would be embedded within the displayed note. I am not seeing this feature in my Studio One. Is there an to-be-enabled flag that must be set?

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answered Nov 7, 2023 by johnsmith167 (250 points)
why is this still not a think such a simple request.
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answered Jan 8 by waivecaulfield (200 points)
I just figured one part of your question out. It's been driving me crazy! To show the note info on the note itself - go up to 'note color' drop and uncheck 'note controller'. The info should display on the notes.
I swear I at one time saw all the notes labeled on the keyboard (could of been a dream ), but no luck with that yet.