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How do you copy and paste sends to a new project?

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asked Nov 17 in Studio One 5 by kylemurphy2 (140 points)
Hello, I am aware that you can copy your channel settings to a new project. I've successfully copied my insert settings in to a new project but for some reason the sends have not copied over. This confuses me as I've seen tutorials of people just copying and pasting all of the chanel settings including the sends. I can copy channel settings on the same project and the sends will copy over but if I copy to a different project it will just be the inserts... I don't understand. Is it because I have studio one artist and not professional? Even then it doesn't really make sense as I can paste sends over in the same project. Also what if I want to paste JUST sends.

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answered Nov 25 by tothrec (22,910 points)

You indicate "copy" rather than Song/Import Song Data.

When I do that, I am able to select the project that has the Sends I want.  Then I select the tracks with the sends that I want.

When I did this, I got a new track with the sends from the source project.