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Need Better Virtual Instruments - Cannot find Quality Ones

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asked Nov 20 in Studio One 5 by scottriddick (220 points)
Hello, I purchased Studio One with Midi keyboard, drum pad, packs of instruments. I do not like how the instruments sound on Studio one. To me they sound cheap. Even on google it said the downside of StudioOne was its dearth if instruments. When i hear a Korg or speciifically the 1000 sounds on the Roland Juno-DS, i hear the exact sounds I want. I do not want to keep buying sound packs that are not the quality I want. My gial is to find the sounds if the Roland Junio and upload them to Studio one., I have not had luck yet. My second goal is if I cannot get the sounds, scrap Studio one and start over with a Roland, seperatr drum machine. DAW to get the real quality sounds. Even the drum sounds are not on a level of a quality drum machine.

Any help getting better quaiity sound is very appreciated. I have been trying ffor a while.

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answered Dec 2 by jrgmanfredhuser (200 points)
There are some VST-Instruments with bread and butter sounds available. One of the cheapest ist "Xpand2" by "Air", sometimes you can get it for 1$. At Korg you can get the Triton-PlugIn (about 200$), but it may sound a little outdated. You also might take a look at Steinberg's Halion Sonic (or Halion 6). That's my favourite for all the basic Sounds.