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Recalling virtual instrument presets from the show in Studio one

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asked Sep 17 in Studio One 6 by oliviermortier7837 (120 points)
Hi There.

Tested the Studio one 6 demo trying to setup the show feature to play live.

What I'm trying to achieve is, in the show system, having 1 virtual instrument that plays along the song but I'd like to recall different factory presets from this same instrument.

Currently, the patches in the show page recalls different setting inside the same instrument factory preset.

For rxample, If I assign an Arturia, I'd like to ba able to recall either the preset Reversed Sustain or the E.Piano preset. The only way I found is to load 2 different instances of the DX7 which is very ressources consuming.

It seems that there are no link between the Show/Patches and the V.I factory preset list.

Is there any solutions to do that by keeping only 1 instance of the V.I?

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