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Bug deleting double notes

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asked Dec 6, 2021 in Studio One 5 by brianwilburgrundstrom (710 points)

In piano roll, when I right click on and "delete notes" "delete double notes", this is brilliant and works great when the double notes are the same length. If however, there is a double note of a shorter value, it deletes the longer note, leaving the shorter one. In all cases, I have wanted the reverse - to delete the shorter one and retain the longer one. This begs the issue why I am having so many double notes to begin with. Could you please put this on your development list, and let me know if there is a common action that may be creating these notes to begin with. 

I also wanted to add that if there are two different tracks that have the same note, then this should not count as double, and both notes should be retained. Otherwise, I have to do each track independently. For example, if the flutes are mostly in harmony, but are in unison at times, then both of these unison notes should be retained.

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