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closed request "channel presets" - store and recall channel setups incl i/o, volume, panning etc settings - see mockup

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asked Dec 9, 2021 in Completed Feature Requests by roidebruijn (920 points)
closed Mar 3, 2023 by arndkaiser

Hi everyone,

I would like to make a request for this idea I call "channel presets". I'm sure a lot more people would find this a very useful feature, specially those with a fixed in and output routing recording instruments but I'm sure that there are more advantages to gain with this feature either on a workflow or a creative level.

The idea is simple: being able to store a channels state (input and output of your interface or internal s1 routing + volume fader + panning + insert fx + arm/monitor state and maybe even the channel colour) into a preset which you can recall later. This works exactly as you would save an instrument or fx preset but this time for a channel.

Not having to setup the same settings over and over would save a lot of time and wont distract from the creative progress. Ideally you would be able to program these presets under a hotkey or macro.

Thumbs up if you guys also find this kind of functionality useful in this already amazing daw.

I made a small mockup of how this feature might look to give a better impression. 


• what would happen if for example you switched audio interface and therefor a channel preset is "broken" because it cant find the right i/o settings anymore. Well ... i would say it should do exactly that: prompting a mismatch : so you can fix the routing and save your new - or "update" your old preset. 

• I worked with a lot of work arounds like setting up a template for all in and output channels but this is just cluttering everything and is not very convenient.

closed with the note: Track/Channel Presets implemented in Studio One 6

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answered Dec 9, 2021 by KevinElib (2,030 points)
This is kinda kool. Nice mockup!
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answered Dec 10, 2021 by thomastendahl (240 points)
Please include VSTi as well, like in Logic where you can save the whole Channel as Preset.!!
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answered Dec 25, 2021 by roidebruijn (920 points)
edited Dec 25, 2021 by roidebruijn
it would be awsome if vst instrument would be included in the preset save.. I can see the importance for instrument tracks so you can easily recall your sounds.

for bands / "musicians" or hardware studio guys like me who record directly into audio track, the setups are super important too: would help a lot if you would be able to recall them as preset so setting up wont distract you from whats important. Again : beeing able to save and load entire channelstrip setting for both audio or instrument tracks would be a game changer for productivity in my opinion... Wonder if anyone else also thinks this is a killer function?
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answered Oct 2, 2022 by roidebruijn (920 points)
Thanks Presonus for adding this feature in Studio One 6.