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Using Scenes (or anything really) to recall channel output settings?!

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asked May 31 in Studio One 6 by jesseharradine (780 points)
Is there a way to recall the output settings of your channels using scenes (or anything else). I am using a summing mixer and often want to switch between my channels all going to "main" for ITB summing and quickly switching to having them output to the summing mixer. Channel 1 - Output 1 , Channel 2 - Output 2
This takes forever to do manually each time.

There's so many great pro features studio one could be adding for real production if you quit building out all this show page **** lmao

1 Answer

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answered Jul 27 by adoniramlipton (200 points)
I'm running into the same thing. Scenes is really useful, but missing what seems to be a key function here.

Probably not a lot of users care, but the ones that do really care. This is a pro feature that's missing.