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Live Surround Mixing

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asked Sep 26, 2023 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by Julian Falck (130 points)

We are currently touring with the SL32R and we are using rear fills for fx and synths.
Our usual venues are 500-1500 seat theatres, where some of them already have 7.1 systems setup for live use.
Those who don't we ask they setup a Rear LR spread out in a few zones depending on the size of the venue, if there are balconies etc.

So, at the moment i'm just sending fx and what i want back there to a LR mix bus prefader.
And it works out really well..
But i can't see why Presonus couldn't add a 7.1 bus and a surround panner in the UC gui.

It shouldn't take up more dsp than routing 1ch to 8 monitors...

Best Regards
Motorlyd, Dreamers Circus' FOH.

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