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recording out of tempo

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asked Jan 11, 2022 in Studio One 5 by lilid (170 points)

I've been searching for this problem through the forum but couldn't find anything about it.

I'm recording vocals for an existing track with a click but when I listen to my recording it's totally out of tempo. I've already recorded vocals for that same track last week and everything was running smoothly (I have a pretty good sens of rhythm), it's the first thing that happens and I can't figure out where that problem comes from. My colleague came over and recorded some vocals too and same thing happens.

Thanks in adavance for your help.

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answered Jan 13, 2022 by tothrec (31,840 points)
What is your signal path?

How are you monitoring the playback while recording the vocal?

One thing comes to mind is that if you are using software-based input monitoring rather than hardware (no latency) monitoring and you have the delay compensation toggled off, that *might* explain it.  I've never turned it off.
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answered Jan 15, 2022 by lilid (170 points)

Thank you for your answer.

I'm using a Tascam 102i as an interface and my computer as a Lenovo (AMD Ryzen 3). Studio One won't let me adjust the device block size or access the control panel next to my audio configuration. So I changed the buffer size through the Tascam settings (was blocked on 256 and reduced it to 24). The problem seems to be almost gone but there's still something that's not quite right, some threads mentioned to download ASIO4All, which I did but don't know much what to do now..