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I just downloaded Studio One 5.5 update and my metronome stopped working.

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asked Jan 11 in Studio One 5 by jcgreenawalt (140 points)
The other audio seems to be OK.  I can add a click track that works, but the metronome and its pre-count that I always used is gone.  In metronome setup, it says metronome active, but I get no click or other sound.  Click in play is also checked, but I don't get a click on either play or record.  Does anyone know if this is a glitch and if PreSonus is aware of it?

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answered Jan 13 by tothrec (23,810 points) 1 flag
I just upgraded to 5.5, too.

Opened an existing project.  Pressed Play.  Pressed C.  Heard metronome.

My only guess is that you've got your metronome routing customized and that route is muted.
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answered Jan 15 by keithsevern (180 points)
I'm having the same issue and hitting the C button isn't the solution.

All of my settings are the same as before I updated to 5.5.

It shows as if it should be working but i can't hear it.
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answered Jan 16 by keithsevern (180 points)
I figured it out. On the Main Out there is a Metronome symbol, click on it so that it's blue and you should be good, it worked for me.