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Please help! I keep losing MIDI OUT capabilities after one playback.

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asked Jan 12, 2022 in Studio One 4 by justinbechak (120 points)
I am using a Roland RD-800 connected via USB to my Dell XPS desktop computer. I also have a ********* UMC404HD audio interface connected my computer via USB.

For some reason, MIDI input and output will work just fine UNTIL.... I playback my song 1 or 2 times. After that, I get no MIDI output. Any section of my song that I just listened to with no problem now only plays back silence every time I try. MIDI IN continues to work just fine. I can temporarily resolve the problem by disconnecting and reconnecting my RD-800, but it's ridiculous to constantly have to do that after every playback in order to work on a project. I tried starting a new project from scratch, tried powering off and on my RD-800, tried exiting and reopening Studio One 4, and I keep encountering the same problem. Any advice on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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answered Jan 13, 2022 by tothrec (31,720 points)
I wonder if it is a USB configuration issue.  Like the USB port is getting put to sleep or something.

The typical solution for USB issues is to go into Device Manager and uninstall the failing device.

After that you go to Action/Scan for Hardware changes to let it re-install.