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Networking a Building with AVB

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asked Jan 12 in StudioLive Series III by reidgoobie (120 points)

I'm interested in the Presonus setup for the church I purchased that I am renovating into a studio space/ concert hall. I plan on fully networking the place with ethernet in every room/area with a server rack in the utility room.

I was hoping to have NSB (stage box) 16.8 in the recording room and also one on the stage with a Studiolive 64S as the mixing board and a few EarMix's for the artists.

Do I need to have the ethernet cables directly plugged from sound board to stage boxes/monitor mixers? (hopefully not) I was hoping to be able to plug these devices into the ethernet ports that will be on the walls that are all connected via the server rack patch bay.

Has any experienced this scenario before? Thanks so much!

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