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Building upon step record with more features.

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asked Mar 7, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by easilyncarter1 (1,380 points)
Features like activating transport functions via the step record tool would give studio one a considerable edge in the midi department.

I don't think any daw has done this yet.

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answered Mar 9, 2016 by AlexTinsley (902,780 points)

Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, then please vote it up, or down. 


To vote:

In agreement click on the little blue triangle pointing up.

In disagreement click on the little blue triangle pointing down.

The developers pay close attention to those that are voted on the most. 

You are allowed one vote. 

Just viewing and agreeing but not clicking on the vote does not help the issue. 

Please click on one or the other.